What is Touch Point Healthy?

This entry is a follow up to a post I made about a month ago dealing with proper surface disinfection. Take a few minutes to read that post first may help give you a bit of context.

By definition, Touch Point Healthy means that all of the touch points in a space have been properly cleaned and disinfected. Touch Point Healthy has evolved into a global health initiative that fully integrates technology with proper protocols to close the gap between where we are today in terms of healthy surfaces and where we want to be.

By combining the latest application technology with new, advanced disinfectants we can now cover surfaces more completely and effectively to reduce and eliminate viruses and bacteria. This promotes cleaner, more sanitary surfaces which lead to a healthier environment.

Pathogens in our environment  represent the introduction of stronger or changing microbes that our current  application methods have not been able to eliminate or prevent. Our protocols for cleaning and disinfecting have been lagging for years while viruses adapt and become more resilient to current chemicals and application techniques.

Taking advantage of new advances in disinfection and product chemistry is critical to not only have safe surfaces and space but to also be cost effective. Touch Point Healthy is a decision you make for the advancement of safe surfaces in your space for the health and well being of the people who occupy that space at any given time.

When your facility is TOUCH POINT HEALTHY you demonstrate that you are committed to proper surface disinfection and to the health and safety of the people in your building.

The Touch Point Healthy process relies on the use of the FACTS protocol as a way to measure the effectiveness of your current disinfecting program and where you need to improve. FACTS is an acronym that stands for:

(F) FREQUENCY-  Count your high touch point surfaces and compare to your surface treatment frequency to see if you are properly treating every touch point each time you are disinfecting.

(A) AGENT –  Check the appropriateness of your disinfectant of choice and compare it to your current disinfection needs. For example if your trying to kill a pathogen that takes 10 minutes of dwell time ( meaning how long the surface has to remain wet) most times the solution will either evaporate before the 10 minutes or will be wiped off by the person applying due to time constraints.

(C) COMPREHENSIVE – Review application methods to gauge the effective treatment coverage of the entire touchable surface.  Spray bottles do not achieve 100% coverage of a surface

(T) TOUCHLESS –  Witness how your handheld cleaning and disinfection methods only further spread the pathogens. Spray bottles are ineffective to cover the surface completely . Wiping off with a rag will only cross contaminate the surface and spread viruses and bacteria from one surface to another

(S)  SAFE – Consider exposure to pathogens, chemicals, inhalation and injury during touch point treatments.

Touch Point Healthy means safer and healthier surfaces which translates into safer and healthier spaces and safer and healthier people. Higher productivity & less absenteeism at work or school is a benefit to everyone. Click the button below to start a conversation about Touch Point Healthy!

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