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Are You Ready to make the switch to the ChemiCenter II?

Are you currently using a dilution control system? Are looking to looking to start? No matter where you are in the process the ChemiCenter II from Pro-Link is a must see.

It’s time to see how the ChemiCenter II can improve your facility!

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Is Your Facility Green?

Traditionally, the cleaning industry has defined “clean” as shiny and germ-free. Today, however, that definition has been expanded to mean much more. Today, clean means those things, plus being green! And being green means safer to use, healthier for building inhabitants, better for the environment and cost competitive.

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Cleaning Procedure Guides

Looking for easy, step-by-step guides to improve and inform your cleaning efforts? Check out these guides developed by our valued partner, Pro-Link.

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GenEon On-Site Generation Technologies

GenEon is the front runner in on-site generation and chemical free cleaning. A more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly facility is only one step away! Learn more about how GenEon is revolutionizing the way we clean and disinfect!

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