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Frequently Asked Pool Opening Questions

Whether you’re a first time pool owner or a seasoned pro, pool opening can be a stressful time for everyone. Here at Rhiel Supply we realize this, so we sat down with one of our experts to get the answers to your more frequently asked opening questions.

Pool Opening made easy


What’s The Easiest Way to Open a Pool?  

Remove any debris and water from the top of the cover that may have accumulated over the winter. Once the debris and water are taken care of, you can remove your pool cover. It’s best if you have a few people to help remove the cover. Pool covers are heavier than they look, and if you are not careful removing the cover, you could damage the pool.


When’s The Best Time to Open My Pool?

You’ll want a few days of consistently warm weather, where the temperature was at least 65 degrees. Keep in mind that your pool water is usually 10 degrees less than what the outside temperature is. So if you’re opening during cooler temperatures, be prepared for chilly water.


Once The Cover is Off, What Chemicals Do I Put In?

You don’t want to add any chemicals at first. Fill your pool with water until the water level is at the middle of your skimmer. Then turn on your pump and filter and let your water circulate for at least 24 hours. This lets any remaining chemicals that were in your pool at the end of the last season  become mixed in evenly throughout the water. Then test your water to see exactly which chemicals you need. Circulating your water and then testing it is a good way to avoid buying more chemicals than are needed. If you are unable to test your water, we offer a water analysis free of charge.


If you have any other questions or concerns about opening your pool, contact us by phone or e-mail so we can help you get everything ready for a great swim season!

Pool Opening

Do You Know How To Properly Close a Pool (Infographic)

While we may not like to think about it summer will ending soon and we will need to start thinking about closing our pools. Make sure you are taking the proper steps to do so. Use this infograph to help you make the best decisions for your pool closing. As always make sure you call us if you have any questions or uncertainty. Also we can close your pool for you so please call to schedule that.

Prep Your Pool For July 4th [Infographic]

Here is a quick infograph to make sure your swimming pool is crystal clear for your 4th of July party!