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A Look At Some Of The Most Germ Ridden Places

Its fall, and that means more people are going to be coming down with colds, coughs, and the flu. It happens every year. Whats the best way to prevent getting sick? Wash your hands. And if you cant wash your hands or dont have access to water and soap, use hand sanitizer. Did you know that up to 80% of all germs are spread by hand contact alone! We all say we wash our hands, or at least try to. After we use the bathroom, before we eat, and maybe other times during the day. Studies however prove this to not be the truth. Studies actually show that only 20% of us wash our hands, and of those of us who do, only 30% use soap. Is it no wonder then that we spread germs by hand contact? Getting rid of germs on your hands is easy. Wash them frequently. Use hand sanitizer if you dont have soap & water. Make it a habit. If everyone does this consistently colds and the flu will become far less common.

So where do we get these germs? It might surprise you to see where they accumulate the most.

1. Public restrooms: Its not the toilet seat. Far germier places are door handles, sink faucets and light switches. So use paper towels to open the door before you leave.

2. Grocery Stores: There is a 72% chance that your shopping cart may contain fecal matter. Cold & flu virus can be on the handle. Meat and dairy products can transmit salmonella, listeria and E. Coli. if not stored properly. These can contact the conveyor belt. So use hand sanitizer in the store.

3. Public Transportation: Buses, trains, airplanes are one of the easiest ways to come in touch with a virus. Handles, knobs, rails, seats, and its worse if your neighbor is coughing or sneezing creating airborne contaminated particles.

4. Fitness Centers: Exercise equipment, dirty towels, and the humidity factor create a perfect environment for germs. Showers and restrooms add to this to create an environment that germs love.

5. Gas Pumps: This is one of the worst. 71% of all Gas pump handles are shown to be contaminated. As is the credit card pay station. The enter button is the worst.

6. Offices: 90% of people come to work sick. The most contaminated places are computers, keyboards, desks, chairs, telephones, coffee pots, kitchens, sinks and restrooms.

7. Restaurants: The first thing we all touch, and the least cleaned, is the menu. Also other areas of concern may be the condiments, salt, pepper, ketchup bottles, and even the garnish on your plate and the lemon wedge in your glass.

8. Doctors Office. Everyone there is potentially sick. Chairs, tables, reading material, door handles, and everyone seems to be coughing or sneezing.

9. Hotel rooms: The highest bacteria counts are found on the comforter, TV remote, bathroom counter, sink and the toilet. Rooms are cleaned every day but these are high traffic areas with a high risk for the spread of infection.

10. Schools: We all know kids get sick at school. A recent study by ABC news showed the germiest things in school are the water fountain (2335 bacteria), basketballs (13,987 bacteria) and lunch tables and trays (9838 bacteria).

Getting a cold or the flu is all something we contend with every day. The risk can be reduced. The answer is to avoid touching your hands to your face as frequently, washing your hands with soap and water and using hand sanitizer when water is not available.

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