The Value of Clean

Workplace absenteeism costs our country hundreds of billions of dollars annually. This number, however, does not need to be this high if proper cleaning and maintenance processes are exercised. The question remains, what can an investment in cleaning actually do for your organization? Our friends at ISSA have decided to tackle this important issue head on with their “Value of Clean” study. Take a look at the Value of Clean infographic to begin to get an idea of how an investment in clean can save your organization money.
The Value of Clean


Discover the Value of Clean Today!

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I am the Director of Marketing for the Rhiel Supply Co. In addition to that I manage most of the company's technology needs and am constantly working to use tech to improve the customer experience. I am an avid learner and believe that in order to succeed we need to be open to new thoughts and ideas. My number one goal for Rhiel is to partner with our customers to progress into the future of clean!

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