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Meet the world’s first cordless Electrostatic Sprayers. Victory’s handheld and backpack sprayers ensure you’ll find the perfect tool for any application.

Pro-Link ChemiCenter 2 Dilution Control System

ChemiCenter II™ Dilution Control System Maximum Performance on Demand What is Dilution Control? Dilution control is a chemical management system consisting of equipment, closed loop chemical concentrates, and water. Through the use of dilution equipment, chemical concentrates are accurately metered with water and dispensed as ready-to-use cleaning solutions. Why use Dilution Control? The top 3 … Continued

7 Unhealthy Places in Your School

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Schools are full of “hot spots” for germs and bacteria. Keep your school and students healthy by focusing on these 7 places. 1. Let’s start with the bathroom door, even though the bathroom is cleaned on a regular basis the bathroom door is another story.  Not all kids wash their hands like they should, so … Continued

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Rhiel Supply Company

Rhiel Supply Company