7 Factors That Should Impact Your Choice In Floor Finish

The most common types of flooring found in commercial buildings today are either terrazzo or VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile). Although there are many new flooring systems being introduced, these 2 are the most common that require floor finish. Most common finishes are water based with an acrylic polymer that is applied wet. The water evaporates and the acrylic polymer film remains to protect the floor. Depending on your needs and expectations a few or several coats can be applied. More coats typically results in a deeper shine. This is a relatively simple process, but many aspects should be taken into consideration.

Solid Content – This is the film that remains on the floor after drying.

High or Low Gloss – Finishes have different gloss levels.

Hard or Soft – Hard or soft will determine the amount of maintenance required.

Cleaning Chemicals – Consider using finishes and cleaning chemical made by the same manufacturer.

Number of Coats – How many coats do you need?

Humidity – Humidity levels are crucial when applying floor finish. They will impact cure time.

Daily Maintenance – The amount of maintenance will directly impact your labor costs.

For the best results contact your local representative. They can make recommendations on the type of finish best suited for your staff, facility and budget requirements.